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10 Careers You Can Succeed In If You Failed In Your Final Exams

So you have just received the heart rendering results, and as you guessed or never thought, your final results are just a recipe of suicide.

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What many do not know is that your poor results could be used to make your little life great again. Stealing chapter from the scripture, God created everyone for a purpose.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are some of the lads who have realized the true meaning of the above scripture writing.

We have compiled a list of 10 jobs you can do, which do not require any kind of a qualification, the only requirement you need if being energetic and determination

  1. Artistry

Every person has a gift from God, you cannot realize it until you put it in use, you just need to be determined and you good to earn a living from it.

You can venture into careers such as sports, music,drama, art works just to mention a few.

  1. Business

Are business men and women born or made? My answer would be, they just make themselves to be business people.

If you give yourself a day, you can list down all the possible business you can do, but then, take a month and choose one business you cannot fail in it.

  1. Brokerage

Being a middle person in any business is more less than being a broker. It is a legal business, you only need to be licensed when you move on to a large scale.

You can supply goods and services, and just get back your commission, it is a mini-tendering where you work put your own profit. You can supply products as low as just one shillings.

  1. Sales and Marketing

It is a basic tool for anyone. Every child who is born, he becomes a sales and marketer from the onset of his or her own life.

Sales and marketing is knowing how to survive on your own. It is how you get favors for your own interest.

Just look for products and just sale them.

  1. Technical jobs

You can take up life survival skills you got while growing up, and turn them into money marking, such include emergency skills.

On the other side, technical skills such as driving can be a good way to earn money

  1. Phone Repair Solutions

It is a singled out case, in this era, the nearest thing near you is not a tree, it is a phone, and instead of thinking too much, just open up.

  1. Baby Sitting

If you are good with kids, just open up or use your house to carry out babysitting, and you will earn so much than you have never thought. It is such a lucrative idea, in a populous area like Nairobi

  1. Casual works

There are those jobs that need you to do the walking and use your hands, there are so many and uncountable. Look for one yourself, because when someone looks for you the same job, you will hate it.

  1. Volunteering

Join a volunteering group and work with them on what you are capable of, that’s where your full potential could be realized. And you might be absorbed as a full time employee in future

  1. NYS

National Youth Service can be a good escape for those looking to hack their way into police units and defense forces.

They require minimal qualifications and yet they have got great potentials



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