10 Cars That Owners Keep The Longest

With the rampant growth of technology and better design in the automobile world, keeping a car in your garage after fully paying it could be a challenge if at all you have got the ability to go for a new one.

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Unless the car is timeless, and very adaptive to emerging needs, most car owners in Kenya rarely spend much time with their cars.

We take a look at 10 cars which are more likely to spend longer time with its owner after being fully purchased.

1.Toyota Land cruisers

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The car has earned its reputation from its long durability, when you check most of the cars, owners would confirm that they have got a big mileage with this car as compared to any other.

The Toyota Land Cruiser has earned a legendary reputation for long-serving durability

2.Range Rover Sport

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This is a car of class, going a bout 20 million shillings, who would wish to sell such a car immediately, after all, it is not easy to outdated this car, that is why it is enjoying this monopoly

3.Isuzu Dmax

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A double cab of this mode is what many have in mind when they buy it, to commute with a couple of goods behind instead of stuffing things in a closed boot, that’s why the user would want into on a longer mileage

4.Mercedes C Class

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It commands class, pride and above all sense of belonging to the car owner, at times people don’t feel like loosing their pride so easily and that fast, and it is not easy even to sell the car if you wanted to , their is away the car owner falls in love with the car


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Many brands of Audi in Kenya such as 219, A4 have a got a sense of a perfect SUV, if you bought a sports car, that’s because you don’t want to lose it easily, and if you have not, this is well recommended.




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