10 Disadvantages Of Couple Formed Between A Young Boy And An Old Woman

No one misses a couple relationship formed by a man of 50 years and a woman of 30 and yet, on the contrary still shocking. It seems fatal to us to look suspiciously at a couple in which she is older does not mean that we are not aware that this type of relationship generates some problems. When you fall in love with a boy younger than you, this is what you will find.

Disadvantages of dating a boy younger than you

We come to the head many famous couples where the woman is older than the man and the amount of comments generated by these relationships in social networks and in all kinds of publications. Waiting for this kind of gossip is not repeated because the crowd has stopped putting their hands to the head for a couple in which she is older than him, we can not but warn of the complications that you will find the fall in love with a boy younger than you.

1. People talk. People will talk about your love story as if they had some starring role in it. Many people will be considered authorized to evaluate the motives of your love, as well as to predict your future.

2. The family also speaks. You may find opposition from your family or from yours. Yes, even today it is said that that boy could be your son. I could, but it is not.

3. Generational conflict. Apart from the bad language it is evident that the age difference can add more firewood to the problem of couple problems, but nothing that is not the couples who have not shared the same socio-cultural context. It can survive.

5. Vital moments. It is true that falling in love with a boy younger than you can reveal certain conflicts as to the vital moment of each one. We are thinking about the issue of children, a sensitive and vital issue for the future of the relationship.

6. Incompatibilities. It is not necessary that a couple have the same tastes or that you like your friends or him yours. But the difference of interests and the lack of anything in common with their environment can cause incompatibilities that are difficult to overcome.

7. Roles in the couple. It is most tempting to clearly define roles in these types of couples where the age difference is considerable. Are you a mother of a Peter Pan with problems to mature?
Advantages if you fall in love with a boy younger than you

But while it is true that you will have to face many inconveniences, if you go out with a boy younger than you also have to take into account the amount of advantages.

8 Fresh air. The youth of your boy will give you fresh air into your life. More vitality, more energy, more desire to live new experiences, as if it were a fantastic contagion.

9. More security. Having to deal with gossip and gossip will make you stronger. It is the ideal situation to prove that you are an empowered woman, who knows what she wants and does not care what others say.

10. New perspective. We learn from all the people around us and having a younger partner can give you a different perspective on life. After all, love is about adding up.

11. And in bed? Those who say that a mature man is better than a young boy because he has more experience in bed is because they have not tried the love skills of young boys. Coming steadily is a reality. And we prefer not to know where the young boys have taken that sexual talent, although we suspect that they have not found it among the pages of the ‘Ars Amandi’ of Ovid, but welcome.

So if you have fallen in love with a boy younger than you, we support you and we encourage you to go ahead with your relationship. You know that the opinion of others is too



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