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10 Doubtless Reasons Men Would Say No To Sex

At most of the times, it is ladies who agree to sex, men do not need to be asked this obvious queston, well this is just a perception.

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Men also make decisions when it comes to sex, and before you think they do not, here are 10 reasons why men will possibly say no to sex.

  • Depression

When it is specifically clinical depression, doctors say men are less desired to have sex, and they may just need to be lonely, however seeking medical intervention would greatly help because it is a medical condition.

  • Low testosterone

When most men hit 40 years, the level of this crucial msex hormone goes down drastically, driving down urge for sex consequently. This can be corrected through medical treatment

  • Self esteem

If a man feels he is less delivering in bed, he may shy off from sex due to fear of disappointment and rejection. Such problems may include premature ejaculation and erectile defections

  • Career

A man who is so stressed about career would find love and sex so demanding of his brain, and easily bolt out. Most men want to have sex when totally relaxed and focused on it.

  • Tired

It is undeniable that most ladies are denied sex due to this weakness, because sex itself is another kind of its workload!

  • So fast relationship

Meeting a lad in a new relationship, and calling him for sex the next day may not work for serious men who are looking for lasting relationships, it just sends the wrong signal to the man’s mind

  • Sex Toy

A girl who sleeps around with a horde of men may not be appealing to all men, if not most. Men want to have clean girls, and if you are a virgin then you are a hot cake. If not they settle for less blemish girls when it comes to sex

  • STDs

If a guy suspects that you are suffering or you have suffered from an STI, he is likely to avoid sex with a chick. No one is ready to take chances!

  • Paper Loving

Ladies who love money are no less than a government tax agency, no man loves giving tax. And so they would shy off to sex that demands money in return

  • Ill Motive

If having sex with a man will give you ill motivated advantages, like getting a kid without his knowledge or whichever the lass’ reason, then he will turn you off.



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