10 Facts Internet Will Hardly Tell You About Passaris

If Esther ever used her second name Muthoni, she would have been known far and wide, because as they say, the second name always betrays someone. For those who don’t know, she likes her third name more than her second name.

Passaris is no new nor old in politics, but she has all it takes to be in this hotly contested area of many interests.

As she comes to the limelight again, she deserves to be known before she is elected in the office.

Here are 10 compiled facts about Esther Muthoni Passaris, the next Nairobi women rep hopeful come 8th August 2017

  1. She was born to a Greek father and a kikuyu mother, Esther spend most of her girlish life in the coastal region
  2. She got married to a business mongul, Paul Ngugi, whom they sired 2 kids. At one point they divorced due to persistence adultery.
  3. Passaris has studied Law even though she is not actively involved in the legal chambers.
  4. She confessed having caught her husband with another woman he was cheating with. Passaris has since termed it as one of her worst lowest moment in life
  5. Passaris also sought out a court order for compensation from her husband after she had filed a divorce, the husband also in what looked like a court battle, filed another case of extortion from Passaris
  6. Passaris is well known also a big established business woman with ventures in foundations and entrepreneurship
  7. She vied for Nairobi women rep but lost it to Rachel Shebesh in 2013
  8. Passaris has been accused of being in a love triangle with James Mwangi, Equity Bank CEO.
  9. She bolted out of Nairobi governorship race after a Jeff Koinange Show which was deemed to have went bad with political lawyer Miguna Miguna
  10. According to statistics and Nairobian residents, the women rep race is a two way horse race featuring Passaris from ODM come NASA and Rachel Shebesh in Jubilee



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