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10 Great Creative Ways To Save As A Low Income Employee – Part 2

Having money saved not only serves you to be prepared for any unforeseen, it also helps you to always dream that you come at a more favorable price.

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For example, if you buy clothes, appliances, home, apartment or car on credit, the interest rate they charge will make the purchase more expensive than paying heavily or totally in cash.

We give ten tips that if you apply them, you will surely notice a saving in your pocket and the most important thing is to create the habit.

  1. Better safe than sorry

    Car insurance is necessary and indispensable – in case of an accident you could lose your few savings or become indebted if you do not have insurance to cover the expenses generated. But you can also save on this item. Find out if the insurance plan you have is right for you. Take advantage if your office offers discounts when using the insurance that the company hires.

    7. Save on Gifts

    The consumer society in which we live has invented dates to celebrate and give away throughout the year, from the Day of Kings to Christmas, passing through Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. These commitments generate expenses that you can avoid. Get your creativity afloat and give away gifts made by yourself. Do not be carried away by the euphoria of the date, if you want to give something I bought in advance to be able to choose the gift at the best price.

    8. Save when buying clothes

    To look good without spending too much, you can buy clothes out of season. Buy classic clothes that do not go out of style, create your style, bought what makes you look better, I took the cockroaches and used the Internet to be informed and get the best option. Follow the precautions when washing your garments to keep them in good condition for longer. I did not buy a lot of clothes for growing children, I exchanged clothes in good condition with their friends.

    9. Savings on vacation

    To avoid excessive expenses during the vacation period, you can try some of these options: buy all-inclusive packages in advance, choose a destination near and not so commercial, stay at someone’s home or family, camping, travel by bus, Investigate what days are free tickets to museums and tourist sites, eat where the locals do and not on tourist sites, etc. Check with government tourism offices about the best free sites on the site and have fun with those options.

    10. Keep the money in a safe place

    Finally, open a savings account that does not allow you to withdraw the money easily, or invest in the long term. It may be a small amount, but over time that money will generate interest. You have to deposit the money destined for the savings as soon as you receive it.

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