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10 Great Creative Ways To Save As A Low Income Employee – Part 1

Having money saved not only serves you to be prepared for any unforeseen, it also helps you to always dream that you come at a more favorable price.

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For example, if you buy clothes, appliances, home, apartment or car on credit, the interest rate they charge will make the purchase more expensive than paying heavily or totally in cash.

We give ten tips that if you apply them, you will surely notice a saving in your pocket and the most important thing is to create the habit.

1. Find out what you spend

To make a savings plan it is necessary to know what you spend your money and, from there, to be able to elaborate a new budget. It is recommended that you write down, day by day, the expenses you make, for however insignificant they may seem, they are relevant. It may be that buying that coffee or breakfast at the office does not seem to matter much, but by adding up those small expenses made in the week you will realize that they add up. Keep track of your expenses for a week or two so you can figure out what expenses you can skip and which ones you can decrease.

2. Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

Now that you know what you spend your money on, you can come up with a budget. In order to save you have to spend less than you earn. You can look for brand options that offer you the same, but cheaper. Make a budget and follow it to the letter. However, do not forget to allocate a small percentage for fun, it is also necessary.

3. Pay off your debts

Credit cards are not an extension of your capital. If you only pay the minimum required, your debt will never decrease and interest will be absorbed by the money you could save. Pay a little more of your debt and research on less-than-interest financing plans. To the extent that interest payments decrease, your savings capacity will increase. In addition, limit the use of the credit card to the maximum.

4. Compare and choose

You can reduce your expenses taking advantage of offers, take the time to compare and choose. Do the shopping after eating, that way you will not fall into the temptation to acquire things you do not need just because you are hungry. Look for the best prices and compare the amount of product that the different presentations bring. Sometimes it is better to buy a family presentation than an individual one. Look for stores that offer you greater discounts.

5. Reduce consumption of services

Some small changes can save you money in paying utility bills. You can use energy-saving light bulbs, turn off unused electrical appliances, turn off the lights you do not use, change the hot water temperature to spend less gas, check the phone bill and reduce calls made using alternate media. Research the best cable television, Internet and cell phone plan. Avoid water leaks, and consider using a canister to collect cold water from the showerhead and use it in the garden or to water the plants.

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