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10 Happy Celebs Who Got Married From The West- Part 1

A couple of months ago, the weddings of Daddy Owen and Bob Collymore earned quite some attention as both men did face Mount Kenya in their choice for brides.

It even became a subject for discussion just what did the Kikuyu ladies have that saw them bag one illustrious man after the other.

That can only be explained down to the diversity of Kenyans when looking for marriage partners. A number of celebrities especially men and a couple of ladies have opted for interracial marriages with many picking their partners from the West and others going Oriental. Here are 7 such celebrities who crossed races for love.

1.DJ Moz


It is almost getting to a decade since DJ Moz married his lovely wife Deborah Kimathi. The couple has two lovely daughters and DJ Moz has really worked to ensure they stay away from the scrutiny of the media save for the photos he shares once in a while.

2.Annabel Onyango

anabel yvk

The fashion blogger and Citizen’s Fashion Watch panelist had dated her husband and Sauti Sol Manager Marek Fuchs for several years before the two tied the knot in what was one of the biggest celebrity marriages of last year.


octopizzo and his wife

Octopizzo first saw his wife when she was a model on a billboard. The couple had been together for 6 years and counting and it is not about to end given the lovely photos and messages shared online. They have two daughters Tracy and Zara.

4.Eric Omondi

ericandgirlfriend yvk

Kenya’s most loved comedian Eric Omondi decided to charter the friendly relations of Kenya and Italy to unveil the gem of a beauty that is Chantal Grazioli. An Italian as with Kenyan ties. The couple engaged recently and are planning for the wedding.

5.Jeff Koinange

jeffkoinange yvk

Celebrated journalist and talk show host Jeff Koinange settled for the beautiful Shaila Koinange. The couple Koinange and she has been part of his life for quite a long time about three decades. The couple have a son Jamal Mbiyu and given all the controversies Jeff has faced and trials as a couple… The togetherness is quite exemplary.




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