10 Kenya’s Pretty Female Celebs With A Passion Of Puffing And Boozing- Part 2

The art of puffing power and drinking alcohol has been left for men, and few ‘outcast’ ladies.

But the world is changing indiscriminately, meaning that nothing is left unchanged, and so is the smoking culture of women in the society.

This trend is cutting through the most respected cadre of females, that the cute females can smoke and drinking, later on ‘misbehave’ in public!

What started as a schock is becoming a norm, and more will be normalised , only time will tell.

Let us look at 10 female celebs which time has given us so far, who are famous for drinking alcohol and smoking any kind of dried leaves!


The singer has been lauded as a drug addict, and most smokers are drinkers, because she puffs, definitely she drinks.


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7.Huddah Monroe

Huddah has been pictured drinking and smoking. Kenya’s cutest socialite seems like she has left no stone upturned in her little social life

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8.Yvonne Rida

Another chain smoker, Yvonne Rida who was once featured in Nairobi diaries feared not even cameras while smoking, what a surprise fearless smoker!

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9.Noti Flow

Here she is actually preparing cannabis sativa, ready to go high, and then likely fly over everyone else.

The singer come socialite is good at her own game, home and away!


10.Michelle Diyer

Beauties smoking and drinking is the old gospel, what is new is the fact that they can come clean and post such pictures, and go ahead to ask for a dowry for men they expect to be from Mars


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