10 Ordinary Kenyans Who Faked It Until They Made It To Celebrity Life

Over the past few months, especially in 2016. We have witnessed normal Kenyans become celebs by daring the unthinkable.

Probably doing something that has never been done by any other Kenyan in broad day light.


As Youth Village Kenya, we look at some of the the 10 most ordinary Kenyans who became celebs across the Kenya in the similar breath


10.Otongolo the Poet

Uhuru’s adopted son came after he had a breath taking poem presented at President Uhuru Kenya inaugural ceremony, His adoption came in style and in time.

12.Jaro Soja

A strong fan of Gor Mahia FC earned him a celebrity life. He was just a poor and ordinary citizen.

Nobody ever new him until he met with the Head of State Uhuru Kenyatta.

13.Serikali Saidia lady

When heavy rainfall pounded on a small village in South Nyanza. It swept away almost everything valuable in the region throgh the floods.

But that was not news. It was one woman, through her narration, news reporters got more than they had asked for.

Jane Anyango  was later given a government Job, a lucrative one in the Ministry of Environment.


Bonoko caught many by surprise when  he surprised reporters like Jane Anyango

He got a good job with Ghetto Radio . Before he was a food hawker popularly named Muturaa

15. Mke Mwema Chokoraa

The little known street by lead a silent life until a citizen video producer recorded him secretly and uploaded a video. Which got excessively viral.

Today the street boy is one of Mercy Masika’s gospel band


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