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10 Pick Up Lines You Have To Win A Chick With


The first impression you make on the other person will start from the moment you propose to leave. He will love that you are the one who takes the initiative, since he will see you as a determined person with personality. You can do it in an original way like this: “You. I. Movie. Popcorn. An afternoon together. I do not know, think about it”. You can also encourage him to ask you for an appointment: “I’ve been exactly 5 minutes and 34 seconds waiting for you to propose to me for a coffee this Saturday. Are you going to make me wait much longer? ” With this phrase will have no escape.

Once you are together it is very important that you become interested in various aspects of your life: your family, your work, your hobbies and hobbies … If you ask a question about something that you like very much, you will have it in your pocket instantly: “How long have you been working on that? Interesting! Tell me more!”. It is also essential that during the appointment make it clear that you are feeling very comfortable and at ease with him: “I never imagined that time would be so fast with you. I would really love to be able to lengthen the time for this moment together to last a bit longer. ”

If the thing is going great and you’re dying for a kiss, do not miss the opportunity. Physical contact is also a very important aspect in determining whether or not your future has a future. If you see that the occasion deserves and you find the right time, come slowly to his ear and whisper: “You’ve stolen too many smiles this afternoon. Now I’m the one who should steal a kiss from you. ” After this, it will fall at your feet.

Once the date is coming to an end you should remind him how well you’ve spent: “Thank you very much for leaving today. I love the naturalness with which things flow between us. I’ve had a lot of fun, I hope you do too. ” Of course, this can also be the ideal moment to propose a second meeting: “In my agenda there is a day and an hour waiting to repeat what today.” If you say this phrase in a biting tone, you can not say no.




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