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10 Questions That Make Married Women So Sick

Even though married women are supposed to be submissive to their husbands, there are some things that cannot just add up water when you go around asking them.

Slide 5 of 36: <p>Last time I checked, <a href="">what was going on with my vagina</a> was none of your business.</p>

Some things that you ask her as a husband would just make her more sick and tired of listening to you.

  1. Are you going to have sex with someone else again? This question could as well mean if she is going to commit adultrey
  2. Do you still find your ex boyfriend attractive?
  3. Do you ever get sick of each other as couples?
  4. Your husband lets you do that?
  5. What is the favorite meal of your husband?
  6. When are you going to change your surname?
  7. What does your in-laws think about that?
  8. You guys still do not own even a single house?
  9. Will you leave out your job for baby sitting?
  10. Why are your kids so close in age?




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