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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be A Friend To Your Ex

What if we stayed as friends? This question is one of the most used resources when breaking a relationship. Nobody likes to destroy the life of another person and much less suffer those damages that causes the lack of love, but is it convenient to try to avoid the inevitable? If you’re wondering if you should be friends with your ex, we have some answers.

But from being civilized to pretending to maintain a friendship with a person who has been everything for you and now no longer wants to be a world is going and is neither easy nor healthy. Let the air run so that both of you can breathe. There are some reasons that will convince you that being friends with your ex is a bad idea.

1. For the distance that is needed when a relationship breaks. Yes, you need that distance to not have your ex hanging around that new life that you have to build from now on.

2. For the forgetfulness you also need. Forgetting your ex is not essential unless you have behaved badly with yourself, but forget that makes you think about him. It has to disappear from your daily thoughts.

3. For recovery. A breakup of partners is a hard blow, even if you can recognize from the first moment that the separation is the best. But it will cost you much more to overcome the rupture if your ex continues in your life in one way or another.

4. For your new life. Do you really want your ex in your new life? That would be like pledging to live in the past and would greatly condition the way you face your new life. It’s best to start lightweight luggage.
When is it convenient to be friends with your ex?

Although in most cases it is best that your ex disappears from your life and even from your social networks, at least for some time, there are some situations that require a cordial relationship. In any case, friendship seems too valuable to use with an ex-boyfriend.

5. If you have children. When you have children, you can not make your ex disappear, so you have to do everything possible so that your ex-husband or your ex-partner becomes a less uncomfortable presence in your life. Cordial relation that is called and that includes a perfect communication for the good of the children.

6. If it is your co-worker. As many relationships are formed in the workplace, many breaks also suffer in the same work environment. Breaking up with your boyfriend and having to see him every day when you go to work is not the ideal scenario so that you can redo your life as soon as possible, for the common good, yours, your ex and the rest of the co-workers , Cordiality and knowledge are imposed.

7. If you share the same environment. It turns out that you have been together for so many years, perhaps since adolescence, that you share the same group of friends. In this case, the break is complicated because you will have to spend part of your leisure time with your ex. But try not to put your friends in a delicate situation in which they have to take sides for either of them and if you stress too much the situation, think about changing your environment.



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