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10 Shocking Facts About Ezekiel Mutua- The Madman Of A Nation’s Morality


Ever since he was appointed as the KFCB laundry boy,Ezekiel Mutua’s incongruous run has a whole messy episode of regrettable gaffes,silly observations and issuance of stupid,over-the-top edicts.


He,just like his namesake Alfred Mutua,back when he was the Kibaki Government spokesman,has reduced himself into some national clown too ambitious in a bid to please his masters and also too overbearing to be taken seriously.

Mutua’s position as the KFCB chairman was largely a dull,moribund job until recently when he,allover sudden,got to his senses and started making threats and calling clownish pressers anytime he wished to rant about mundane stuff and to lecture the nation on what was moral and what was not.

Not one to take a taunt lying down,he even umped the tempo and would,like the madman he is increasingly becoming,take the fight to Twitter and Facebook,facing off,less than epically,with TV hosts and bloggers alike.

Mutua,obviously,confuses his job as the KFCB chairman to a job as the spokesman of a terrorist outfit in the Shariah-led lands of Islamic authoritarianism.

This man had only one job – to regulate the stuff that Kenyans watch by ensuring that it is morally-acceptable and does not infringe on the rights of others,flaunt the Constitution or erode the morals of children.

But lately,the man has evolved into some sort of religious pariah intently interested in converting the Country into some religious state,run and managed by fearsome religious tyrants and the making of haphazard online threats ala ISIS.

Mutua’s ambition is alarming.

He,for starters,doesn’t even seem to properly understand his job description and two,doesn’t seem to know his boundaries and how much power he really has – if any.

Back in February 2016,the dude would call a quick press conference to ban a song promoting gay rights and also issuing an arrest warrant for the song’s creators unaware that he really didn’t have that power.

At the same conference,Mutua would ask Google to pull down the song in a week. Or face,eeer,some vague repercussions.

Obviously,the dumbness in this man couldn’t allow him to grasp the little fact that you cannot control the Internet – let alone the liberal billionaires who run it,based in the Silicon Valley.

Also,he must have thought that YouTube was some third-rate television channel run by a Mutiso or Musembi that he could easily control and lord over.


Needless to say,the gay video still remains on YouTube,some four months later,and his cheap threats to arrest the creators of the video were met with widespread derision and Twitter puns,as expected.

Mutua would be back to issue more edicts – against almost anything he found unpalatable in his household forgetting that Kenya was not his private enclave or a section of his house balcony over which he had unfettered and unquestionable control.

Slowly by slowly,this man has been losing it and this is evident in the latest online rants he made against Maina Kageni and Bi Mswafiri of Citizen TV.

Vexed and exasperated by a lack of anyone taking him seriously,Mutua threatened to,one of these days,storm the offices of these media personalities and arrest them right in the studio.

That announcement,ladies and gentlemen,even in Mutua’s record,is a new kind of stupid.

Twitter laughed. As usual. And made him a Trending Topic – to incense him further with the usual memes and jokes.

No one seems to take Mutua seriously. Or give a hoot about his farts.

But he keeps the rants coming and the announcements coming.

Unlike,say,John Michuki,whose word was law-and terrifying – Mutua’s every statement is a while new opportunity to laugh and mock and jeer.

He doesn’t seem to notice it but the good KFCB Chairman is treated with the same seriousness you treat a clown at a circus show with. Or your two-year-old daughter whose just crapped her pants.

He will never win. Everyone knows that. But he keeps the threats coming,keeps conjuring up more morally harmful material on our TV screens and keeps picking fights with pretty much anyone who attempts to shut him down and call him the clown he is.

With his latest stunt,even the Information PS,differed with him,politely asking the Country to ignore the man and move on swiftly to better things.

Mutua won’t learn. And can’t learn.

But as the past has taught us,this won’t be the last time were witnessing an embarrassing Mutua showdown one which leaves him with a whole lot of egg in the face and an ego even more damaged than before.

His antics and cheap tactics at promoting ” Morality ” in Kenya are actually the greatest threats to morality in Kenya because 99% of the time,his messages are taken and shredded by the masses leaving him thoroughly embarrassed and even cheapening the fight against inappropriate broadcast content.

Mutua appears like a fanatical zealot desperately trying to proselytize the Country by using his position as a media regulatory Boss and whatever powers he imagines he has to have his way around and bully everyone to his myopic corner of intolerance.

Maybe he should learn a thing of two from Education CS,Fred Matiang’i on how to effectively dictate to the masses and have your unquestionable way in your jurisdiction.

Or maybe he just needs to resign and go back to being the nobody he always was.

Until then,may the jokes keep coming. And may we never,ever take this man seriously.




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