10 Things You Can Shop With Fifty Bob To Scare Of Njaanuary Worries

Logically in December, all employees are paid by 23rd or atmost 24th so that they can go about spending during the Christmas holiday. But if all things remained constant, you ought to have been paid from January 4th, as most companies do.

So if you paid on January 4th, you won’t be broke during January, but if you paid on 22nd December, by date 7th Njanuary or date 10 Njauary, almost a month has elapsed and you need to be paid by date 15 Njaanuary.

Now that you understand how people get broke in January, here is an immune you can do with 50 bob only to survive!
1. Kumbe Broadways bread costs 41 bob
2. Pascha milk costs 46 bob
3. You can actually carry lunch to work!
4. You can carry bread to work too, so you only buy tea
5. Mathree fare is half price before 6
6. Meat is very unhealthy.
7. 5 eggs cost 55 bob and are better proteins than
meat, more so they’re young chickens!
8. Yoù can really pay school fees in instalments
9. Ukioga na sabuni ya kipande bado utakuwa msafi
10. Arimis ni mãfuta mzüri sana!
11. kumbe unaeza toanisha teabag ikapika vikombe nne
za chai badala ya moja tu.
13. Kuenda job by foot is a healthy exercise.
14. kumbe odeon chips ni 30



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