10 Things you don’t know about Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol is a Kenyan afro-pop band, tracing its inception in 2005. Four members that formed this popular band are Bien Baraza, Savara Mudigi, Willis Chimano and Polycarp Otieno. Sauti Sol is coined using two words: Sauti- Kiswahili word meaning voice and Sol- Spanish word meaning sun, therefore the phrase means ‘voice in the sun’.

10 Things you don't know about Sauti Sol
10 Things you don’t know about Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol is arguably the best Kenyan music outfit. They even entertained President Obama when he visited Kenya late last year. The memory of Lipala dance has not faded off Mr Obama’s mind.

Here are some facts you never knew about Sauti Sol.

10. *They met in high school*. Baraza, Chavara and Chimano were students at Upper Hill High School. That was when they realized they had talents in music. They would entertain guest during functions in school. The trio later met Pollycap and they came up with idea of forming Sauti Sol.

9. *Members of Sauti Sol are all graduates*. They embarked on education and later joined the music industry. Baraza studied Journalism at United States International University, Chavara studied Commerce at Nazarene University, Chimano is a graduate of Journalism from University of Nairobi while Otieno is a graduate of Actuarial Science from JKUAT.

8. *Their first payment from Music Copyright Society of Kenya(MCSE) was sh.31,000*. This was from the their greatest hits* Lazizi*, *Somasoma* and *blue uniform*.

7.*Sauti Sol is a Giant Club ambassador*. The club aims to protect endangered animals in Africa. The Giant Club summit will be held in Kenya on 29th to 30th April. The event shall be presided over by president Uhuru Kenyatta. The summit aims to strategise on how to curb ivory trade in Africa.

6. *They depend on live performance for their income*. According to Savara, the royalties they gain from the MCSE would be used as retirement benefit.

5. The leading vocalist Bien Baraza is a* step son to former Deputy Chief Justice* Nancy Baraza. This was recently revealled by Nancy Baraza

4. Sauti Sol is *inspired by musicians* such as; Fadhili Williams, Daudi Kabaka, Fally Ipupa and Jazon Mraz.

3. They had to* fight the cultural stereotypes,* common amongst most African societies, that music was worthless. They had to manage a conflict between their talents and the pressure from the society.

2. *They had been accused of plagiarism*. An upcoming artist known as Parroty accused Sauti Sol of stealing his song and using his instrumentals to release Sura Yako track. The claim was later refuted by Sauti Sol.

1. Sauti Sol had *400,000 downloads during free download period.*



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