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10 Things Other Than Sex Ladies Tally As Adulterous

Women do not have to follow men to know if they are cheating, they just let loose their sixth sense, and all great men at cheating will come down tumbling.

Sadly it is opposite for men, they have to rather employ 5 senses if they cannot follow you at the back.

Cheating to ladies goes beyond to having sex as most of men try to come to terms with, it is the small things that they count and tally to rule out that what you are doing is more than cheating.

We look at 10 things that ladies focus on.

  1. Following your ex on social media
  2. Going out in a strippers club alone
  3. Watching porn alone
  4. Going out for dinner with a girl you like
  5. Chatting with flirting texts
  6. Spending so much time talking to other chicks
  7. Being emotionally involved with someone else
  8. Not deleting a dating profile account
  9. Maintaining social media status of single or in complicated love affair
  10. Constantly buying gifts to ladies you are attracted to

When you are with a lady, it is good to watch your steps rather than your words.



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