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10 Weired Facts You Must Know About Elodie Kibaki

Elodie Kibaki, a girlfriend to Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew is the talk of the city for now two weeks.


The two lovebirds had a bitter breakup two weeks ago on social media exposing themselves to unnecessary critics.

Today, the female came out to clear the air, making it more dusty after posting 13 facts about herself.

It seems that she is enjoying the free publicity. Here is what she said on Instagram

13WEIRD FACTS ABOUT ME.#myheadlookslikeapotatoe 


1. I live in Nairobi though my entire family is in Europe.

2. I started youtube because I didn’t have any friends and I needed someone to talk to.

3. I love vanilla dairy fresh and lemon Ice tea.

4. I don’t have any siblings#onlychild 

5. I moved out of home at age 17 when I joined university last year.

6. My favorite series is American Horror Story.

7. Growing up I’ve always struggled with my weight so I can be a bit of a health freak.

8. I have 2 tattoos. One is a semicolon on my wrist and one is a wave on the side of my rib cage

9. I’ve played the guitar since I was 7, and taught myself the piano when I was 14.

10. Some of my friends call me El, Elo, and Zone

11. I wear a silver bracelet on my left arm almost everyday and it was given to me by someone very special.

12. I won Braeburn Garden Estate their first 2 medals in swimming and first track and field medal for triple jump in history when I was in year 8.

13. I got into a fight at village market when I was 15 cause some annoying girl dissed my nail polish color.



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