10 Things You Might Have Not Known About Nairobi’s Fallen ‘Pretty’ Thug

Clare Njoki Kibia was yetserday buried at her ancestral home in Murang’a after police gunned her down in Nairobi’s most violent slum, Kayalo.

Police say they discovered a gun and 9 rounds of ammunition. Here are 10 facts about Clare

  1. She was barely 18 years old. Infact her national ID card was just 3 months old
  2. Clare dropped out of school after a disagreement with her teacher
  3. She then joined a rag tag group in Kayole where they terrorized residents of the area
  4. Her major role was ferrying weapons especially guns
  5. She escaped from her home and she was living with her husband
  6. They had one kid whom they had had together
  7. Her husband is the leader of the gang and is among the most wanted criminal
  8. During her burial, 3 gangsters were arrested after a police raid, the burial was partially attended
  9. She was shot dead when she failed to surrender, police had been trailing her and a number of other gangs
  10. Njoki was also known as Clare De Vybz

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