4 Effective Exercises To Tighten Your Buttocks

For almost all women, buttocks are a very important part of the body they seek to highlight. Therefore, keeping them toned will always be a challenge, especially because over time and sedentary lifestyle is losing strength.


To help you with this goal, we present 4 simple exercises that you can easily do.

1. Leg lifts: This exercise has numerous variations. One is to raise your right leg back and slowly lower until the tips touch the floor.

You can hold this position for one or two seconds and then with a slow and controlled movement returns to the starting position, you can lean against a chair opposite.

Repeat the same routine with your left leg the same number of times. Four sets of 10 or 12 repetitions.

2. Hip lifting: Lying on the floor with the back straight; Places hands and feet firmly on the floor; Flexes knees; Very carefully raise your hip, as if you were making a bridge.

Hold that position for five seconds and return to the initial posture. Do four sets with 10 repetitions.

3. Buttock Kick: There are different ways to do this. With weight and without it, with the help of a pulley; With the leg stretched or at a 90 ° angle.

This routine will help you reaffirm your glutes. You need to firmly support your hands and knees on the floor; Keep your back straight. Now stretch your leg back and bend your knee, as if forming a L.

In this position raise the leg, while you try to contract the muscles of the buttock without touching the floor. This movement must be slow and controlled to achieve the firmness you seek. Four sets of 10 or 12 repetitions.

4. Knee flexion: Be careful not to hurt your knees with each flexion. You can use the weight of a dumbbell. Stand with your back straight, slightly flexing your knees, hold the dumbbells at the sides.

With the left leg, take a step forward and try to get down about five centimeters before reaching the ground, be sure to keep your balance and that your knee does not exceed the foot when going down.

Do the same movement with the right leg. Complete, preferably, series of four 10 to 15 repetitions.

Finally, the butt-hardening exercise specialist suggests a basic exercise plan at least three times a week for best results. According to your discipline, frequency and accuracy to perform correctly you will see results from about eight weeks.

Remember to always train with the help or supervision of a qualified instructor, who indicates the proper positions to avoid any type of injury. Do you dare to do any of these exercises?




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