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4 Habits That Demolish Your Salary Every Month

Have you started to think about the habits that hurt you in your relationship with your money? Surely not and that’s why I want to offer a list of the most common

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1.- You are not clear what your goals and objectives are in life, both short and medium term. Then you act based on your instincts, to satisfy immediate needs. Do I feel like having a coffee? I buy it. The flat screen you wanted to buy is on sale, with an attractive discount and also months without interest? Quick, before they remove the promotion.

But you have not thought about your retirement, or what you like to do in life. You like to travel? Would you like to have children? Do you want to take the next step with your partner? Buy a house? All these are goals that, if you want to achieve, you will have to do something that brings you closer to them. Before, you have to decide what your priorities are and that is an inescapable reflection, which unfortunately many people have postponed too long.

2.- You do not know what you spend your money on. You are not even clear how much you earn annually and in what months you receive additional income (for example, your holiday bonus). That’s why it’s always hard to get to the end of the fortnight, moreover, you probably have debts on your credit card and maybe you even had to ask for a payroll.

You always feel pressured because you do not know how your money is going and of course, when you’ve tried, you’ve never been able to follow a budget or plan. In other words, you have no control over your own money, on the other hand you feel enslaved and stressed because it never reaches you.

3.- If an unforeseen event happens you should surely borrow, because you do not have a peso saved for emergencies. What’s worse: you also have no insurance, except the car because it is part of the credit you asked to buy it. What would become of your children if tomorrow you are missing? You think it’s best not to think about it in order not to attract bad luck.

The reality is that your heritage is completely vulnerable to the ups and downs of life. Something as simple as the loss of employment, even if you receive liquidation, would be catastrophic for you and your family for the commitments you have already made.

4.- Invest without knowing, as recommended by a friend, the bank executive or worse, in that instrument so profitable that you saw in a Facebook ad. You do not understand or how it works but everyone is coming in so why not ?.



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