5 Best Novel Range Of Rovers In Nairobi

Range Rovers don’t just roam in the city, they turn heads whenever they passersby.

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Even tough they say the engine doesn’t matter so much than the man behind the wheel, here is a true life opposite, the engine matters so much.

So without much ado, here are cool Range Rover engines that would likely get turned off your attention in Nairobi.


  • Hybrid.

Dubbed a range rover for the greener generation, it is all about  a cleaner city with less pollution, it has speed, and feeds well on fuel

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  • Range Rover Sport.

Costs about 20 million shillings, it is the most expensive Range Rover in town. Driven basically by Nairobian tycoons

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  • Range Rover Evoque.

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It a better version of a Sport, it is less cheaper but more expensive than Evoque.

  • Range Rover Velar.

About 4.9 million and is such a good car, shares almost similar qaulities with Discovery. But Velar stands out for people who love design and pomp

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  • Range Rover Discovery

It costs about 5 million shillings, it is a good car for those opting out of Toyota Prados, they are good as well as in speeding

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