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5 Habits Of Lovebirds In A Relationship

Maintaining a stable, healthy and happy love relationship is a treasure to which we all aspire. There is no magic recipe that can guarantee us to get it, but we must know that there are some basic pillars that we should all aspire to. We will show you below.

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1. Giving and receiving, without requiring


Maintaining a healthy love relationship is giving and receiving equally, without ever demanding. I offer you my love freely and I hope to be respected, understood and cared for. We will offer the same to the other person. If at any moment inequalities begin to happen, suffering and frustration will appear. Open to the other person but with the certainty that we will receive the same.

2. To love without depending or subjecting

Another common mistake is to build a relationship based on dependency. If we are accustomed to depend on a person we will never feel fulfilled, it is at that moment that appear, for example, jealousy or mistrust. We must build a loving relationship where there is no submission, where nobody forces anyone, where there is no domination or control.

3. Listen and learn to discuss

We all know. Discussions are commonplace in a love affair. Which couple has no difference at any time? It is normal and even hygienic. Arguing helps us to know each other better, to set standards and set limits, and to understand each other’s personality.

But it must be clear, to discuss is something that must have a constructive purpose, never sanctioning or humiliating. We discussed to reach agreements and to learn. And this requires knowing how to listen to the other without sanctioning, knowing how to put ourselves in the other person’s place and also attending to their needs.

4. Know how to adapt

There is something we must be clear about: it is not possible to change the other person. It is also not good to try to do it, because then we will force you to lose your identity. Let’s take a simple example: you like nature and are accustomed to hiking with your friends and family on weekends. To him however, it is more than being at home, watching TV or playing with his console. You love each other but sometimes you have different interests.

5. Keep the illusion every day

Love feeds day by day and through small things. Gestures are very important to maintain that daily illusion with which to keep our love relationship strong. And that requires little effort and detail wherever possible. Demonstrate to the other person that is the most important thing in your life. Let your partner show you too.



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