4 Reasons why couples shouldn’t work together

For couples to work together, it requires a lot of self discipline and restrain to make it work. This is because getting to work in the same company or department can be a bit tricky since it may not only strain your relationship but also your work. Some companies have put rules of couples not working in the same department while others  have no problem with it. However, i tend to believe that working in the same work environment has more disadvantages than advantages. It is better if you two own the company but if it is employment, then there are constraints that come with it. Here are reasons why i think it is a bad idea for couples to work together.

5 Reasons Why College Relationships Fail
5 Reasons Why College Relationships Fail
  1. Hard to work on  projects professionally together

Do not get me wrong, some have actually managed to work together and maintained professionalism in their tasks. However, it is very hard to separate relationship and work. Imagine leaving home holding hands and then reaching the office where you have to pretend like you are not a couple the whole day. This means that you have to restrain yourself from kissing him/her the whole day. The worst part is when you have to work on a similar project, one might feel like he/she is being belittled as his/her opinion may easily be ignored bringing problems when they reach home. It also gets hard watching your girlfriend straining a lot and you would opt doing all the work instead hence doing a shoddy job.

2. Drama/tension when you break up/fight

If you think it is easy to forget the terrible fight you had last night or how he/she broke things up with you, then think again. Working with an ex and watching them start flirting with other people is a feeling i can’t wish on my worst enemy. Things like these will bring a lot of drama and tension at work thus reducing productivity. I need not tell you how much Kenyan men are jealous beings and some ladies drama queens.

3. When your he/she is fired or treated unfairly

It is human nature to always want to protect your loved one. Thus when he/she is fired or treated unfairly, it will tend to impact your morale negatively. You might end up resigning from the job yourself leaving the both of you jobless. Think of a situation where your partners nemesis speaks trashy about him/her, hell might break lose and blows and scratches start falling on an innocent (guilty!) soul.

4. Nothing to talk about at home

We all have an urge to tell our partners how our day was and who did what, who was fired, who slept on the couch last night, who is cheating, who was caught….the list is endless. Now, fathom that you can’t share with your partner all these juicy gossip since he too already knows! It sucks right?

By Pauline Kagwiria



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