8 Red Signals To Flag Off A Fake Job Advert

Employment opportunities have been as scare as the human beings multiply every minute across the world. This has consequently quenched all the jobs available due to high job demand to low job opportunities available.

It is unfortunate that in such environment of desperate employment seekers, the cartels of advertising fake jobs thrive most.

We point at some of the major features of fake job opportunities you could come across!

1.Application and Recruitment fee –

The idea that you have to pay should just take your hands off and trash it. This definitely means you dealing with bankrupt firm or conmen. You become a product rather than a seller.

2.Deal too good to be real –

It is undeniable that any job that has been sort for with competence and experience, it comes from hard work and patience, unless under special cases. But read the lines and connect the missing dots, if the deal is too good, the job is also too fake.

3.No official contacts –


They use or contact you with fake or non official contacts such that you cannot verify there identify whenever possible. Personal contacts numbers is a consistent trait.

4.Less qualification needed –

You will also note that they tend to loosen the qualification that is normally required. Such as no qualification or low grades.

5.Abnormal high salary –

They promise a high salary beyond your expectation or the standard salary as for the qualification stated. And you ask if they are not angels who are they, well they are the opposite, devils!

6.Poorly written –

The ads are sometimes poorly written by amateurs, however well written ads should not prove to you anything.

7.Job available immediately –

The job is only available immediately after paying, sounds interesting. That must be in heaven where anything good is readily avail bale on order.

8.Suspicious information –

Look out to any misleading info or any that could not help you make the dots complete, use your rare sixth sense!



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