6 Ways Watchmen Can ‘Fire’ Their CEOs

Even though our security guards in Kenya are the least educated personnel in most of organizations, these group of workers are still powerful to any firm.

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They have majored on the most powerful human sense, sight, with that, they can gather so much by just observing using their two eyes, another one is the power of listening.

If you combine the two senses, you will realize that if they spent the whole day observing and listening, then they must be having a lot of information they poses.

Here are 6 ways, these security guys have proved to be so powerful than CEOs.

  1. Even though they have not your official itinerary calendar, these lads have mastered your footpaths, and they can easily workout where you will likely be at a given time, therefore denying a CEO the right of privacy
  2. These groups are used in courts, at most times testifying what they heard and saw, and this alone can be so brutal for an irresponsible CEO who is not in good terms with the security guard
  3. When businesses close down at 6pm to 6am, these lads remain with all your investments when you retire to bed at their mercy, a period of 12 hours, they can mess up with all your fortunes
  4. If you love your secretary more than your wife, this lad knows that very well. And he can set you up anytime. He knows whether you are cheating or not.
  5. If your enemies are trailing or following your footsteps for a bad reason, he is at a better chance to note this and notify you, but only if you treat him accordingly
  6. If you are a CEO and you have been camouflaging from a particular person, if you do not inform your security guard then you have nowhere to hide in the office, and you have to include him in your game of cards




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