7 Bad behaviors that make Lecturers Famous in Colleges

What really makes a good lecturer? Everyone who has been to a lecturer hall attests that you can rank lecturers according to their personality, delivery and qualifications. However, it is not always the case. Likable lecturers in campus are not always the most eloquent, organized, approachable, time conscious etc. Here are some of the traits that make professors unprofessionally favorite to students:


  1. No Assignments and No CATs

Don’t be shocked that it is possible to go through a unit in campus without an assignment and or CAT. To achieve this, professors will always convince you at the start of a semester that the unit is too wide and you will not get time for tests. This is always good news for most students, since no one, even professors enjoys exams.

  1. Class attendance means nothing

Did you know that some lecturers take a portion of the 2-hr session marking the register and confirming who is present and absent? Depending on the size of the class, some will verify the voice and face before moving to the next name. Most students, especially professional absentees distaste this because it is a trap. Some consider it a high school culture. Thus, lecturers who never bother attendance, rate far much better than “Nyapara” types.

  1. Late Comers

Some units are just “boring.” It is unimaginable sitting for 120 minutes and listening to a lecturer full of himself brag how he went to Harvard before getting a scholarship to Massachusetts where he tutored and appointed by the UN to do some research on monkeys in DRC. They will come minutes late, talk about the traffic, and summarize the lecture in 30 minutes claiming the timetable is clashing. This is the joy of many students who find it torturous attending lecturers.

  1. STD – Sexually Transmitted Degrees

Should we talk about this? Well, on campus, STD does not in any way relate to syphilis or Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which causes gonorrhea. These are Sexually Transmitted Degrees. They are there. However, female students are more ‘advantaged’. Why? They have ‘supporting documents’. Universities are replete with these pervert mammals that prey on students and award them degrees. Ever wondered why that Diana* hardly attended classes, missed CATs but never got a “refer” in Econ?

  1. ‘A’ For Everyone

Some units are cheap. But not calculus, where every student including academic dwarfs score high.  Did you know that some lecturers do not mark exams but assign grades to students? Others will give you an ‘A’ as long as you filled the spaces on the question paper. It is hard to find a student who hates such Profs. After all, our education system and job market value ‘A’s than practical skills.

  1. Open Book Exams

Students can now chat on WhatsApp, save notes on their phones, record audio formats notes, take pictures of answers, and consult Mr. Google with ease in exam rooms. Thanks to technology. Ladies no longer write mathematical formulae on their thighs, or communication theories on curvaceous cleavages. However, it only works when the white-beard, grey-haired, PHD holder, with sagging oversized rectangular glasses is a don’t-carer.

  1. No bulky Notes

Writing notes is boring. It’s tiresome. Students prefer a lecturer who keeps pace with teaching trends and integrating new tools. Not to mention that there are lecturers who misuse technology and compensate missed classes with voluminous handouts.

In conclusion, “a lecture is the process where information is passed from the lecturer to students without going through the mind of either”. Who is your favorite lecturer? You the answer.

Enjoy your lectures folks!





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