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7 Honest Reasons Why Ladies Should Cheat

Cheating is a hot topic and a wicked demon that hurts so many of us, and those captured cheating always cause mistrust and lack of faithfulness from the other partner, whether male or female.

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Even though men cheat too because of other best reasons known to themselves, here are 7 reasons, honestly which should make women cheat over their husbands.

1.Low self esteem

A woman suffering from this conditions means that she doesn’t feel wanted or less attractive, cheating will defnately make her feel so and more relavant, and that would heal back her heart.


Such an empty lady, feeling exhausted with work or her career, or even with her motherliness, needs more than one man to keep her feel so active and not anytime boring, it will keep her so busy


Women definately crave for romance, it is actually their heart beat, they may fall short of telling their man, making them change onto another romantic man, just to fill their desires

4.’Sickling’ Man

I’ve heard this story many times both from man to woman and woman to man. Spouse is using drugs or drinking – the other partner escapes in an affair.

5.Addicted Husband

One who pays less attention to her woman due to football, sex,shopping,gambling or whatsoever desrves a cheating lady, and this might be her right time

6. Falling Out

If she feels that she is not your favorite, and you are looking for young lasses around, she might just walk away for another man who will take care of her good looking

7.Shut down

Your career has absolutely taken you down and you never give her humble time, she will never be there for you. Women come to marriage for love. And nothing else




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