7 Jobs That Should Stop Recruiting New Employees – Part 2

Have you ever thought that some people still seem to be doing nothing despite being employed with a job description.

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The feeling of them being paid for nothing cannot just leave you stay with your peace alone. Here are 7 such jobs we have compiled.

Professional Bridesmaids

Whether it’s because the bride and groom have no one to assign this place to or to avoid being moved by a multitude of friends, there are professional bridesmaids, ready to bring the touch of glamor to your wedding.

Professionals to name nail polishes

Anyone would have thought that the person who invented the color of an enamel is responsible for giving it a name. Even the company itself. But no, there are groups of “brainstorms” dedicated to this end.

“Light my sapphire”, “Juice of minions”, “Light my sapphire” or “hunting rainbows” are some examples of what breaks the creative group’s head. Sometimes they are made up of groups of six people.

Professionals queuing for you

If you do not have time or hate to queue, this professional is waiting for your call. Whether to go to the super, to the concert tickets and even to wait hours and hours to the last iPhone.

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