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7 Kenyan Female Celebs Best Pals


Kenyan female celebs can also be fellows and workmates for fellow workmates. They have stood for one another in happiness and in tears .

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Check out the list below of some of the top Kenyan celebs who are great pals even at work

Lulu Hassan And Kanze Dena

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The citizen TV duo are some of the wishful friends for most of Kenyans who love watching them.

Ciru Muriuki and Anita Nderu

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Two Radio girls and NTV Trend Show guests are also great friends on and even off TV. Ciru proved this when she stood with Anita after a black social media media attack

Elani Singers Wambui Ngugi and Maureen Kunga

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Song birds have also been awesome and lovely pals whenever they need each other. Even from their music chemistry one can tell they are great friends

Janet Wanja and Wacu

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The two basket ball players have been great friends despite few wrangles which they managed to heel and strengthen their partnership

Awinja and Wilbroda

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Awinja and Wilbroda have been on our screen all for the bad reasons of thei personal rivalry on the screens. But in their real life background they re awesome mates to boot

Moiepei Siblings

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The singing quadruplets are some of the most inspiring family or sibling band in Kenya. Besides they are great friends

Jamby Koikia and Cindy Ogana

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Another best combination of friends on radio waves. The two have been amazing and refreshing






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