8 Ways Of Suppressing Hangovers

Many people hide in that when we reach an age, hangovers are worse, we are not able to endure a night of partying and excesses, that our body is no longer what it was …

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But we overlook that there are many forms of “Attack” a hangover following certain habits both the night of acts and the next day. Some will seem very obvious, but we assure you that even then, there are people who keep making mistakes. Do not be next and get ready for the weekend.


1.- Never drink on an empty stomach. But attention, dairy are welcome. And you say, how can that be? Breaking the typical legend that alcohol cuts the milk in your stomach and follow the advice of nutritionist Kerry Torrens: “Milk and yogurt are excellent stomach protectors, so if you’re not going to be able to eat much at night, snack on a bowl of banana and yogurt, drink a bowl of milk with cereal or eat some cheese and cookies before the adventure. ”

2. Avoid or limit bubbly alcoholic beverages such as sparkling wines or cockatils with champagne or cava. That “go straight to the head” is real, because the bubbles accelerate the absorption of alcohol.

3. Avoid darker alcoholic beverages such as brandy or whiskey. They have a higher level of compounds called congeners, which are produced in the fermentation and distillation process. They are responsible for making your hangover much worse, therefore look for lighter drinks.

4.- At a time of night, stop drinking alcohol and change for water. This will make the arrival home better and the waking up less painful.


5. Drinking water is not the only solution. You can replace it with coconut water, sports drinks or isotonic drinks. You can even create your own. Dr. Torrens recommends “dissolve one tablespoon of sugar and another of salt in half a liter of water, and drink slowly through the morning.”

6. Avoid caffeine. If you want to recover your hydration levels, you will have to wait for the desired coffee.

7.- Yes, eat. The best way to remove that hangover is to replace the vitamins and minerals your body has lost with a good breakfast, your stomach and your body will appreciate it. Torrens recommends “whole toast with scrambled eggs, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms, plus a nice glass of orange juice.” And if you want to bring something sweet to your mouth, better be fruit (even smoothie or smoothy).

8.- Do not want to cut the pain with aspirins or ibuprofen, but can annoy your stomach.



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