For Analema Towers, The Sky Is Their Foundation

We do not know what motivated the architects of AO Clouds to develop the idea of ​​Analema Tower. But if we consider that they are the same ones that won the NASA contest for the extraterrestrial house on Mars; And who are aware of the plans of the space agencies for the exploration / exploitation of asteroids … everything seems to fit.

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The structure of Analema Tower reverses the conventional method of cementing a building on land. Instead, it hangs from a stand that is in space. Such a system is known as UOSS (Universal Orbital Support System), and applied to this mega-skyscraper, would imply placing a large asteroid in the Earth’s orbit. Of the great rock would hang a super-cable, that would arrive almost until the terrestrial surface, and fixed to him would be constructed the building.

The construction would involve the use of prefabricated methods, and would have the great advantage of being able to build it and assemble it in one place (at a lower cost), and then move it to another point on the planet. In this sense, the authors propose that the Analema skyscraper be built in Dubai.

Given the length of the mega-skyscrapers (several kilometers), and the temperature and pressure conditions of the exterior, the size and shape of the windows would vary throughout the building.

The energy would be obtained from solar panels that would have a constant exposure to sunlight. The water is filtered and recycled, and it would get out of the clouds and rain.

This mega-skyscraper would be divided into sections, according to functions, although this aspect right now is secondary. It is clear that it must be organized as a vertical city.

But this idea of ​​AO Clouds goes beyond hanging a building from an asteroid. They propose to make daily journeys between the two hemispheres, following a trajectory similar to a 8. That is, the tower would pass every 24 hours by the same point, making its slowest passage through New York, and for its symmetrical part in South America.

The transport of people and goods between the surface and the building would be done by means of a “transfer station”. At certain points of land where the passage of the skyscraper slows down, such a transfer could take place. To do this, a tower would have to be built (on land) that was very close to the path of the skyscraper. A transfer system based on two arms, would be hooked to the tower for long enough to realize the exchange of people and materials.


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