Apple Contemplates On Backdating Its New iPhone 8

Apple has been one of the pioneers in launching devices which take great care in design. The use of aluminum and glass (two components that give cleanness and simplicity) has been a constant for several years.

On the other hand, the design of mobile phones has reached a point where the different models already have many similarities, that is, there is no longer a great innovation in this aspect.

Apple seems to be in a dilemma about its new iPhone, as according to the DigiTimes portal the company is working with a company specializing in manufacturing aluminum frames, much in the style of its old iPhone 4.

In turn, the portal ensures that Apple could have thought of returning to the design of glass with aluminum frame. While this type of concept we had already seen in the iPhone 4, Apple evolved to aluminum perhaps without thinking that in the future it would have to return to the glass due to the problem that can cause this metal in the wireless charge of the device.

Although of course, there is always the risk that a team built with glass will suffer breakage as has been seen previously. If so, we expect the company to pay more attention to the type of material it uses.

Sources close to the supply chain of the factories where the iPhone is built mention that the cost of manufacturing could be reduced by 30 to 50 percent compared to the current technique, which focuses on shaping aluminum in one piece . They also ensure that quality control is much simpler and with better results.

Personally, I prefer the earlier design of the iPhone. It has a much more comfortable ergonomics and a much better grip, in addition to the flat concept of the frame is much cleaner and easier to control.




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