A Baby Born From Three Parents Survives A Breakthrough

A baby was  born from three parents after doctors tried to help a family that had genetic problems for long.


The boy’s mum was affected by a disease called Leigh syndrome, a neurological disorder that had already killed two of her babies. It is caused by a defective gene in the mitochondria, Sky news reported

But despite that major challenge, the scientist were able to strike a breakthrough.

But by taking the nucleus – the yolk, in effect – from her egg and transferring it into the egg from a donor containing just the ‘white’, which includes the mitochondria, the scientists were able to produce a healthy baby said the UK leading paper

The born baby is set to b monitored especialy on his genetic make up which was not passed down from his families.

The medical breakthrough is illegal in some states such as USA and Mexico because the alleged make up of genetics could be taken advantage of by unsuspecting doctors



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