Bald And Mature Or Grow Hair And Loose Manhood

Men tend to alarm women when their hair begins to fall, and women try to find a solution to the problem. But, perhaps, the best idea is to drop it, because it might be that the remedy is worse than the disease.

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And a new research by specialists at the University of Northwest Medical School in Chicago has revealed that drugs used to try to stop hair loss increase the risk of impotence.

The researchers analyzed the effects of two of the most commonly used anti-baldness compounds, dutasteride and finasteride (which is allegedly used by Donald Trump), in over 11,000 men, and found that almost 2% of them started to suffer from problems Erectile dysfunction after starting treatment.

More seriously, these problems of impotence were maintained after they had stopped consuming them for a period ranging from seven months to four years. The cause of this disorder is because both products cause blockage of certain hormones, including testosterone, vital for male sexual desire.

In all, researchers estimate that males who follow these treatments have a 4% higher risk of impotence. A risk that is even greater in those who have a blood type A, B and AB, than those who have the O.

So, you know: better bald than … for that.



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