What Is More Painful, A blow In Testicles Or Labour Pain?

I suppose we do not reveal any great secrets if we say that the male genitals are a particularly sensitive area. This is because, being located in an area so exposed to external aggressions, cells responsible for receiving the pain signals are “protected” by a network.

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And we say protected because, really, the pain, although it is extremely annoying and annoying, has the function of protecting us, warning our organism that something is wrong in the damaged area (in this case in “our balls”) and forcing the brain to Perform some action to put an end to such pain. For example, running away or protecting us from whoever has kicked us in those parts.

Obviously, as the testicles are surrounded by a number of cells (called nociceptors) superior to that of other parts of the body, that makes a stroke in that area more painful than normal. The equation is simple: the more nociceptors, the more pain.

But there are still more. It turns out that the nerve endings of the testicles converge in the abdomen, where there is the so-called vagus nerve, whose ramifications extend through almost the entire organism, reaching areas such as the stomach, liver or pancreas. This causes the sensation of pain to receive a kick in the genitals feels almost stronger in the area of ​​the stomach and sometimes its echo reaches other organs, causing dizziness, nausea and even fainting.

All this makes us wonder: does a blow in the testicles hurt more than other traumatic experiences, such as a childbirth? Recently, the scientific web AsapSCIENCE, published a comic video in which they tried to answer that question. According to his explanation, the human body can withstand up to 45 units of DEL pain. And what a mother feels when giving birth would be 57 units while a kick in the testicles can reach 9,000. Terrible, right ?.

Fortunately, according to specialists, none of that is true. Neither are there ADLs nor can pain be measured in units. Pain, they say, is a truly subjective experience and it is difficult to compare both situations. A kick in the testicles is really painful, but that unpleasant experience is condensed in a short period of time. In contrast, the pain of childbirth extends over a longer period, and may end up being as unbearable or more so than the previous one.



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