You Can Finally Take Selfies With This 2017 Drone!

Walking through CES 2017 we find Hover Camera Passport, a new generation of drone with cameras that along with a tracking system makes us follow while recording or that we frame to take a picture, something like a selfie without hands.

The device has a book shape and incorporates a 13 megapixel front camera for photography or 4K resolution for video. In addition, it includes a camera pointing downwards that serves to stabilize it automatically. Its weight is around 240 grams and has a battery life of 30 minutes.

With this drone it is possible to take pictures with the smartphone and to realize a panorama of 360 degrees. Another of the most striking aspects is that its construction makes it especially safe to avoid cuts that together with its hinges makes it occupy very little space and that we can also transport easily. Its cost is about Ksh.59,900 in Europe market



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