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CNN Asks Papa Jones Why His Music Is So Westernized

Khaligraphy Jones aka Papa Jones has three things in common, his skin, music and pronounciation is so westernized.


It is so undeniable that even CNN, a leading media from USA, a western county had to ask him.

I remember I presented my music to the local radio station, and they told me, ‘Khaligraph your content is so WESTERNIZED, you need to LOCALIZE your content.’ It was hard for me

He never run away from the question, but instead faced it off

“It’s a little influenced from the Americans because of the kind of music we listen to out here… Probably the pronunciation of words is a little bit WESTERNIZED, but the message is Africa… When you see me, I’m always representing Africa.”

He also gave his Kenyan fans a piece of mind

“I only talk about my experiences I wouldn’t talk about something that I haven’t been through… I believe patience is key. Hard work and you’re going to shine at the end if you push it the way it’s supposed to be pushed. Patience is key.”

This interview was happening in a common fora which was also attended by Eric Wainaina, Octopizzo and Caroline Mutuko



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