Disabled UON Student Shocked As His Name Appears Among The 62 List

A blind University of Nairobi has been left in a shock of a life time as he was called upon to collect his suspension letter following the recent students’ unrest that left saw the institution being closed indefinitely.

The blind student from Embu went to the university on Thursday April 14th to collect his suspension letter but he could not hide from expressing his shock at how the University came to a conclusion that he was part of the group causing chaos.
The third year student from Embu county expressed his disappointment saying,
“Up to now, I am still shocked and am not sure of what they have accused me of, but until I receive the suspension letter and see it, that is the moment I will know whether these people were fair or unfair”
It also emerged that some of the admission numbers of the suspended students are the same, casting doubt on the criteria the university used to suspend the 227 students.
A spokesperson for the university, however, said that the letters drafted have indicated the charge each student is facing, claiming that it is not only those who rioted that have been suspended but also those whose rooms were found with weapons and drugs.
“Some rooms were found to have some prohibited items that students are not supposed to have within the hostels. And some of them share rooms. We suspended all of them. If you are found five of you with crude weapons in the room you are all suspended,” he said.
The University of Nairobi was closed indefinitely following student riots opposing the election of Babu Owino as SONU Chair for a fourth term.



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