Don’t Sent Money To Jubilee To Be Employed, You Will Be Conned

A message going rounds, indicates that Jubilee Party are recruiting agents so urgently, but as it turns out, you are just being duped to be conned your hard earned money.


Through a fake account, the message says that you will be able to earn between Ksh.3,500 and Ksh.7,500 as an agent during the coming 2017 election period.

Upon calling the numbers mentioned, you are advised that the registration is so agent that if you are not in Nairobi, you sent something Ksh.275 for your processing fee or for your documents to be availed.

Even if you are in Nairobi, you are told to still sent the cash because you are already late, you can only be assisted by someone in the head office.

Though Ksh.275 seems to small, how do you feel when you realize you have been conned? and more painfully, you are so many to multiply that cash to a good figure.

Noramally in business, when the deal is so good to be real, think twice.





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