Facebook Roll On A Feature To Match Partners

The world of social networking has become extremely broad. We have options to communicate, find places, work, absurd videos, entertain us, among many more functions.

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It is a reality that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. they became an extension of humanity. At this point it is strange to meet someone who does not have their own profiles or who is not familiar with these types of free services on the network.

But as is often the case in all areas, social networks seek to make the best of themselves to demonstrate to their users that stand out among the others. For example, Snapchat came to the sector to innovate with its ability to publish ephemeral videos that disappear in 24 hours or augmented reality filters, something that did not have its competition.

Before this great idea, Facebook did not want to be left behind and decided to annex the primordial functions of Snapchat in its applications like Instagram and WhatsApp, beginning with the publication of mini videos. Subsequently, the social network of Zuckerberg, integrated its own AR filters, that is, nothing original. What is regrettable is that the functions of the other innovative platforms are more successful in Facebook by the millions and millions of users that make up the social network.

Now, everything seems to indicate that his eagerness to adopt features of other applications, will take Facebook to make the decision to have the services necessary for users to find a partner, just in the style of Tinder. The social network is running tests so users can connect to each other on the chat platform, as long as both have agreed (the famous match).

The difference between Tinder and Facebook is that Zuckerberg’s social network will only allow people who connect already know each other, because they are on the other person’s friends list. Something that maybe could provide greater security to the people in the moment of finding a partner so as not to have to deal with strangers of whom we do not have as much information about their identity.

At the moment, only a few Facebook users around the world have had the opportunity to access this new feature. With this functionality, it is clear that the social network has no ideas, but if something has and should be recognized, it is the fact that it knows well what to award and how to carry it out to overcome even pioneering applications in other areas such as , in this case, Tinder.

It should be noted that this tool is not only aimed at finding a partner, but also the social network will help you to create plans with other friends that do not necessarily have to be the future loves of your life.

Only users in Toronto and New Zealand have been able to participate in this functionality, but it is expected that soon reach worldwide so that all users can enjoy this tool with the goal of finding partners faster. There is no doubt that technology has managed to transcend interpersonal relationships in biblical proportions …




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