How To Fire An Employee While Being In His Shoes In 5 Steps

Firing an Employee in your firm could be such a daunting task especially if you want to sympathize with the victim as the same time you terminate his contract.

While firing someone from work looks normal, it doesn’t look normal to the employee, most commonly because you have ruined his life. But your business must come first.

For you to fire someone with ease, you need to have good witnesses and ensure that your employee did not bring any thing big that could cause big commotion during the movement. You should prevent this as early as possible.

Here are the easy steps to put you right on track with your employee.

  1. Warn them of the bad news and give them about 5 seconds to digest. then spill the beans immediately. ” I need you to buckle up, this is going to be a hard conversation.”
  2. Convey the bad news and do not allow room for discussion. Be professional in equal measure. “Jim we have decided to part ways with you, effective immediately. I want you to know I have given this a lot of thought, and my decision is final.”
  3. Give them a quick recovery system and offer any help if possible. The now know that they have been doomed. “Jim, after we are done here, Joe will walk you to your desk so you can gather your things, and then escort you out. I will need your key to the office. Your final paycheck plus a two-week severance will be direct deposited into your account on your next payday. Do you have any questions for me?”
  4. As obvious, prepare for this question, ‘Why am I being fired today?’ The answer should be as easy and closed, do not allow discussions. “As we’ve discussed previously, Jim, there have been issues with you and a few customers, and because of that it is best that we part ways.”
  5. Finally do a SWOT analysis and find out where you failed the employee to comply with the regulation. Just to prevent future occurences.



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