A Flock Of Interviewees Could Prompt Companies Create Interview Manager Position

Lack of job creation has made Kenya hit above the rate of 10% in Kenya with the Youths being the most affected.


The pain has been felt even to the current companies. Now the hiring firms have another problem to tackle. Conducting fair interviews for a group of more than a 1000 applicants to get one recruit in a fair process.

So it means that for the process to be fair, companies need to create another position that will be dealing with hiring employees.

Take for example the study case of K24, when they had recently advertised for one position of an anchor, more than 10,ooo applications were sent and more than 1000 applicants turned up for oral interviews.

The government has made it a campaign tool every time they want to be re-elected and youths among other unemployed personnel continue to suffer



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