Goalkeeper Arnold Origi word on KPL


Football Goalkeeper Arnold Otieno Origi reaction on KPL via his Facebook post.

” The time has come. For us Kenyan footballers,to stand and be counted. To DEMAND what is rightfully ours from the so called football leaders. Without any form of fear. For long, we’ve been quiet and turned a blind eye on things. For some of us it was coz of hope. Hope that the football leaders would come to their senses and run the game the way it’s supposed to. Treat us with the respect and professionalism that we deserve. For others it was coz of fear. Fear of being victimized and end up losing what you love doing and what is the source of your livelihood. But the hope and fear hasn’t helped our course. We have an FA that doesn’t respect us or care about us. The sweat we pour on the football pitch isn’t being reflected by the kind of lives we lead off it. Our young brothers in the youth system have been denied an opportunity to enjoy and express themselves at the international level like their peers allover the world do. Yet the international governing body FIFA sends funds to the FA that should give them this opportunity without any problems. Our sisters have been as well, denied the chance to atleast make a living out of something they love yet again fifa sends funds that might help them do so. The way the national team is handled is a disgrace. There is no professionalism, basic necessities like equipments are lacking and if they are there,they are of the poorest quality and standard, not befitting what people see as ambassadors of our beloved country.
We have a body running the local league, they too the effort they’ve put to at least try and protect players leaves a lot to be desired to say the least. Yes they have created a league that has a sponsor and matches are being televised. But is that enough? The minimum salary cap is a norm everywhere but not in the kpl.
Players in kenya’s elite footballing competition, go up to 6months or even more without being paid their salaries. Players sign a contract, and half way through the contract they get dropped by clubs, with no compensation something which is a no brainer allover the footballing world. Clubs breach contracts left right and center. But there is nothing in the kpl that protect the players from all these.
Players have families,they are the bread winners for their families, their healths are on the line but, there is no insuarance policy put in place by the kpl to insure them incase anything happens. Something which is normal allover the world of football. So it’s time for us players to stand up as one and in one voice. It’s time for us to fight for what is rightfully ours. We are the main actors in this play. Without us there is no fkf nor kpl. They need us more than we need them. It’s time we GET the respect we deserve it time to DEMAND the respect that we deserve. IT’S OUR GAME. IT’S RIGHTFULLY OURS. I know the supporters are with is for them as well they have been suffering for way too long. But it’s only us who can change our destiny. ” The END



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