Google Pulls Off Power On Their Robots

Although Google is one of the most popular companies in the world, the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin had in turn other companies dedicated to very specific developments, such as Boston Dynamics, the company behind the most impressive robots Which we have seen so far. However, today it is no longer part of Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

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Alphabet had been looking for ways to sell this company that it had acquired in 2013, not because the projects were not interesting, but because they generated a lot of losses because at the moment very few government or business entities were interested in robots, Except for the US Department of Defense, which had a couple of contracts with Boston Dynamic because of the use they could give them in rescue operations.

SoftBank embraces Boston Dynamics

Another of the most popular robotics companies in recent years is the Japanese SoftBank, which in addition to selling smartphones and mobile phone service has been in charge of developing Pepper, the robot that serves customers in Japan and also has the ability to Read human emotions and thus change the way you approach us depending on our mood.

Well, we could now consider SoftBank as one of the most powerful robotics companies in the world, and that is that on one side has its friendly robots for customer service like Pepper, and the other has the “beasts” of Boston Dynamics, which has often even been afraid to see their abilities in any environment, which as we said at the outset, could serve in rescue operations or, as weapons of war, everything depends on the meaning that the human being wants to give them.

So far the details of the transaction between Alphabet and SoftBank have not been given, although the regulatory institutions of both countries still need to approve the acquisition so that the agreement can be closed, but there should be no problem whatsoever for The Japanese company acquires the robotics division of Google.

Artificial intelligence is the future of Google

Although the US company will not continue to invest in robotics (at least for now), Google’s plans have focused entirely on artificial intelligence, hence Google Assistant has become the center of Google products and Seek to integrate it with any other type of service on the Internet; In fact it could be that in some years the Google assistant is the main product of the company



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