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Khaligraphy Jones Provides An Update Why He ‘Bleached’

Khaligraphy Jones has been a chewing gum of many mouths in the town after his face on live TV interview looked more lighter than his old videos and photographs.

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His fans and haters all ganged up or supported his disputed ‘bleaching’ accusations. Only.

Though it has taken Jones alot of time to respond, he has responded at the right time.

“Mkimaliza kuyap juu ya izo bleaching allegations, sana sana Nyinyi Rappers, murudi kwa Kiwanja Muendelee kupata ile Kichapo mmezoea kupewa na the OG,,
Kwani mara yangu ya kwanza Kuvaa Blazer mlikua mnataka nikae na sura imeparara kwa National TV, next interview Mtaona msee wa green apo mfikirie ni hulk,,
#respektheOgs. etc etc, mazishi ni ile ile,” wrote Khaligraph Jones.

Jones has been one of the top rappers in town, with his latest hit done with Atemi.

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