Kingwa Kamenchu Narrates How Her Menses Got Her In Trouble With A Boda Boda Rider

Kingwa Kamenchu always leaves my mouth wide open with shock! She was once a presidential hopeful. During the campaign period of the 2013 General Elections, she cried like a small baby during one of her press conferences. I still don’t know why she cried so uncontrollably.


Later after that, she invited her supporters to a cocktail party at a Nairobi hotel. Nothing wrong with that. What was awkward about it was the details of the invite. She asked everybody who was willing to attend the party not to wear underpants!!! No one showed up!

She eventually lost hope in convincing the electorate that she could still make it to the house on the hill. No  such ambitions were heard coming from her mouth ever again! But Kingwa has always maintained her loud mouth. Of which she is. Her status updates on her social media pages are always either so dirty or controversial.

She wrote:

“Taken a boda boda at Kobil Embakasi. I’m on my period and forgot to wear a tampon. When i got off the boda boda, the drivers white coat had become red and stained with blood. I paid and ran away very fast.”


She later followed that status update with this one here:

“I usually like how before entering the mat the conductors fight for you and then the one that wins holds your hand and gently guides you into the vehicle. Usually, i close my eyes and imagine its a handsome man walking me down the aisle.”

So, she still hopes to get a man to marry her? With that bile all over her sites? May God help her!!!




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