Kirigo Ng’arua Confession- He Was So Cruel And Heartless To Me

Kirigo Ng’arua has been off air since her dismassal at Citizen TV. Only remaining relevant on social media and blogs.

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But her latest story has swept her fans by a surprise after she confessed how her former Ex-Lover used to manhandle and mishandle her with all that her natural beautiness.


Here is what she shared on the platform with us

I opened up to him because I thought he was different from the rest. I shared my personal stories and secrets with him. He knew what my ex put me through and promised to never do the same. I told him how frightened I was to let someone new in, fear of getting my heart broken again, but he assured me he would protect my heart at all cost. I just couldn’t go through another heartbreak, knowing how long it took me to pick myself back up the last time. Eventually, he changed and ended up doing the exact same thing my ex did. Tore my heart out and stepped all over it like it was nothing. I just couldn’t understand how someone that claimed to love me could be so cruel and heartless… and now I’m stuck asking myself why,

“I came across this yesterday and felt the need to share it. Most ladies if not all of us have gone thru something like this. The lesson I learnt..never stop loving…you may have been broken before…but don’t stop loving…so ladies…what have you learned from such an experience??”




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