Love Is Proof Of Everything: She Was Disfigured And The Reaction Of The Groom Gives The World A Chair

A few years ago they faced the worst moment, when a fire broke it. As the famous phrase of The Little Prince says, “the essential is invisible to the eyes.”


The couple had a difficult story; However, love was stronger than any obstacle.

Turia was a model and also a fitness and sports fan. In 2011, when he was already Michael’s girlfriend, he participated in a marathon in a wooded area; In that context, she was suddenly trapped in a forest fire. He survived, but with 65 percent of his body burned.

The girl had to undergo 200 operations. And in the meantime, she remained hospitalized. His body would never be the same again.

Michael, the boyfriend, stood by his side unconditionally during those two years, even though both were aware that Turia’s body will never be the same again.


And not only that, but he also bought a diamond ring and proposed marriage. Despite the disfigured body, he assured her that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever met and that he had not changed with the accident.

In 2014 Turia received the Women of the Year Award. It is that with Michael they raised with campaigns more than 200 thousand dollars for Interplast, that is dedicated to rehabilitate people who suffered cases like his.



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