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Making Sound Financial Decisions (Part 3)

Making Sound Financial Decisions (Part 3).

There is a story told, about a young entrepreneur, who had been working on an amazing new idea. After sealing a major contract, he and his friends decided to go and celebrate at a local restaurant. They ate and drank until very late. Finally when it was time to close, they called for the bill; it was a shocking amount, and much more than they could afford!

Ever the entrepreneur, the young man asked to see the owner, and told him about his business venture, and how he believed that it would one day, make him billions. So he offered the old man, some shares, for the large bill he had ran up that evening. The old man, who owned the business, refused completely, and demanded payment. Humiliated, the young man pledged his car, and went off to find the money.

Many years later, the young man, returned to the restaurant driving, a gleaming Ferrari. He asked to see the owner of the business, who immediately remembered him. He told the old man, that he was now a billionaire, and that had he accepted the deal that night, he might have been worth millions himself.

The old man, smiled, looked at the young man, lovingly, and said, “son, I am very happy for you. I am also happy with the decision I made that day.” And with that he quietly, and happily went back into his little restaurant.

Financial decisions:
It took me, more than 10 years, and much meditation to come to agree with the old man.

By Strive Masiyiwa



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